Harper or Halpert?

Is The Office's Jim Halpert really The Newsroom's Jim Harper or is Jim Harper Really Jim Halpert?

Harper vs. Halpert: The Newsroom vs. The Office Edition

Ah, drinking games. A reason to guzzle down alcohol at a rapid pace where prize and punishment are equal - more booze. What’s not to love? Especially when it involves sticky, grimy quarters, as it does for ‘Up Chickens, Down Chickens,’ the preferred game of choice by both The¬†Newsroom and The Office staffers.

Exhibit A: A party scene from Sunday’s 7th episode of The Newsroom.

Exhibit B: Group Happy Hour during season 3, episode 18 of The Office. Also known as Toby’s sad quest to win Pam a stuffed duck.

Coincidence? Random act of workplace fate? Maybe. But aren’t there, oh I don’t know, about a hundred other drinking games that could have been used on Sunday instead? The commonalities here clearly don’t end with floppy-haired employees named Jim.¬†

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